AYITA (Asia)

Body Guard Black Seven x Black Miracle of Bully Botts

DOB: 12.4.2009

Height: 37cm

Weight: 15kg

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Body Guard Black Seven

Ch SLO, CRO, Zagreb Winner, Central Eastern European Winner, Joe Mallen Memorial Champion Class Winner

Ch Dark Star
Oliver the Twister of the Browndeanlaws Bullyboys
Mein Steffi Brutus
Louloubelle of the Browndeanlaws Bullyboys
Int.Ch Ariela Pet Shop
Ch Tenacious Onest Oscar
Real Staff T.N.T.
Ireon Bella
Ch Dumbriton Out of Aces
Ch Ensbury's Little Lad at Shirestaff
Moosskel Lily of the Valley of Crossguns
Pannonszepe Sushi
Semlok Pride of Porlock
Elektra Hanvoj
Black Miracle of Bully Botts
Ch Tony the Bull Fransimo Bohemia
Int.Ch Dirty Dancing Daffodil Yellow
Ch Indianstaff You're My Man
Int.ChAzure Annemone vom Beauty Domicil
Ch Aba Platis D.Y. Unique Bisou
Ch Fire Ball Daffodil Yellow
Int.Ch Bisou-Bisou Daffodil Yellow
Int.Ch Happy Smile Fransimo Bohemia
Int.Ch Gomez Port Erin
Ch Vicory March Pullera
Ska Fever Adba
Barlet Plzensky Šperk
Bart Star Waret
Anabell Lee Tadeas